About Us

Launched by beauty lover Kerris Crier ( @kerrisitabonita) in July 2020. Kerris was thrown into the beauty world due to having a job that required her to be in lots of photoshoots.  This pushed her to learn the ins and outs of makeup through…. (you guessed it) Youtube beauty gurus and social media. It was intimidating to start using makeup, and get the look that is portrayed the most.  I was never the “instagram baddie”, and the caked look did not suit me. As well as products on the market did not always cater to my skin type, color, makeup style, or made me feel my best after applying it.

So, now the world has K’face! K’face is made up of some  handmade, all-natural products, and free eBooks that enhance beauty, provoke character, and personality to let you cater to today's version of you.  The #KFACED community has created a space in the industry where you can make the makeup your own!